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Layering. Ham and adult movies.

analog collage #wip by Sacha Baumann



An oldie, but I do still adore this one, thanks Juxtapoz.

fun with sexy scraps

analog collage by Sacha Baumann

I’m back to (traditional) blogging! 

The latest: “turning uncomfortable to comfortable”.

Collage created strictly from scraps that were already cut and torn. Love making with restrictions. I just used a part of it as the header of my newly redesigned personal website:

Those green eyes.

Little car, big truck. #flattire #favabean

Work in progress: collage of collages. Here we go.

Tomorrow’s social is going to be great. Join if you are around and into it.

Going through some studio stacks and came across this simple collage from a few years back. I do adore it.

Created from prompt #9 of The Collage Workbook: “Squares + Rectangles”—I used the images from an entertaining spread in a 1961 Better Homes and Gardens. Love the colors.

My home away from home:

some-someLatest line-up of workshops at the studio. Join us!

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Three assemblage pieces made from scraps leftover from laser cutting are now hanging in the laser cutter’s area. 

And how ridiculous is that pipe on the wall, framing them.

Los Angeles designers / architects / artists: Somewhere Something is having it’s next round of Summer Workshops. First up is a series of classes focusing on Grasshopper, a node based visual editor that is a plug-in for Rhino. Pick and choose which classes you’d like to attend or come to all 6 for a discounted rate. More info at

LA art party people: come out Saturday night.


Join us! Open Studios and group show at the warehouse of our studio: Keystone Art Space.
2558 North San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, CA 90065

Saturday, July 27, 6-10pm.

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